#130 – Raw Power Festival 2017 special

#130 – Raw Power Festival 2017 special
6th March 2017 gareth

Za! – Baddulake (The Audacious Art Experiment, UK)
Faust – The Lurcher (ReR Megacorp, UK)
Bruxa Maria – My Sweetheart Miguel (Extreme Ultimate Recordings, UK)
Cattle – Tanking the Piss (Hominid Sounds, UK)
Paddy Steer – The Blob (Red Deer Club, UK)
Afrirampo – DoDoDoDo (Very Friendly Records, Japan)
Bilge Pump – Thank You Very Much (Gringo Records, UK)
Albert Newton – Live at Screensaver (self-release, UK)
K-X-P – Elephant Man (Smalltown Supersound, Norway)
Giant Swan – Bring Back Fives (Howling Owl Records, UK)

It’s almost time for Raw Power Festival – the London festival weekend celebrating the best psych heaviness, space rock, synth craziness, and leftfield electronica. There are lots of podcast favourites this year, and we spend an hour highlighting some of the artists we’re most looking forward to, including Faust, Bruxa Maria, Afrirampo, KXP and more. The weekend is 26-29 May and you can buy tickets from https://babayaga.ticketabc.com/promoter/babayaga/


  1. Steve 5 months ago

    This doesn’t seem to play. unsupported musical format?

  2. Steve 5 months ago

    Ah, okay, works in another browser fine – just wouldn’t play in IE for some reason.

    • Author
      gareth 5 months ago

      Glad you got it fixed Steve. Looks like we need to fix this player anyway.

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