#142 – Mr Thing x Micall Parknsun, Jlin, Deerful, Henry Wu

#142 – Mr Thing x Micall Parknsun, Jlin, Deerful, Henry Wu
29th May 2017 gareth

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Train Fantôme – Loin du Monde (La Souterraine / ABRecords, France)
Jlin – Black Origami (Planet Mu, UK)
Mr Thing x Micall Parknsun – The Raw (Boot Records, UK)
The Mountain Goats – For the Portugese Goth Metal Bands (Merge Records, USA)
Love Theme – Desert Exile (Alter Records, UK)
Mystic Djim & The Spirits – Yaoundé Girls (Analog Africa, Germany)
ToiToiToi – A Travel Agent’s Dream (Ghost Box Records, UK)
Richard Dawson – Ogre (Domino Recordings, UK)
Deerful – Cloudwatching (Where it’s at is Where you are Records, UK)
Henry Wu – Deep in the Mudd ft. Banton (Eglo Records, UK)

No doubt it’s a more mellow podcast this week, kicking off with soft French chanson and taking time with drone from Love Theme, library-inspired sounds from ToiToiToi, and brilliant folk music from Richard Dawson. Elsewhere there’s an exceptional track off the new Jlin record, there is also some Cameroonian music from the latest Analog Africa compilation. Pop from Deerful, new Henry Wu, and the new single from The Mountain Goats.


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