Submit music

Hey! We’re assuming that you make music and want it played on the podcast.

First things first, LISTEN TO OUR SHOW! We play a whole host of different stuff, but if we hear one more submission from a generic indie rock band full of white dudes (probably from the USA) we’re going to go crazy.

If you are an experimental, forward-thinking artist that isn’t adverse to people who are non-white and non-dude making music, we’d love to hear your stuff.


Sorry about that, the awful submissions just make it harder for us to listen to good submissions like yours, but now that’s out the way: 100% of the music we play on the podcast is either on vinyl or digital format. We’re happy to receive submissions in either format.

If you want to submit music to the podcast, please get in touch via Facebook. We both get a huge amount of email, so Facebook really is the best place to reach us both:

If you only want to reach one of us (because your music really chimes with the stuff one of us is playing), you can get in touch via Twitter. Gareth is @garethmain, Anthony is @anthonygdli

The only thing we need is music, that’s all we’ll take notice of, so don’t worry about long press releases or anything like that. If you want to post us records, just get in touch and we can give you all the details you need.

IF YOU ARE A GENERIC INDIE ROCK BAND PLEASE DON’T GET IT TOUCH, SERIOUSLY. We used to be polite but now it’s just depressing us.