Reviews of the Independent Music Podcast

  • well good "my favourite podcast by far, an absolute treat! I've been introduced to so many great artists through this gem!"
  • Essential weekly listening
    "If you love poor pronunciation, terrible grammar, general all-round cluelessness and some god awful tunes. This is the podcast for you. There are some good tunes in there too, but try not to let that spoil the fun of two minutes of kettles boiling while someone plays ping-pong in the background."
    Michael HillieriTunes
  • Filling the John Peel sized hole on the radio landscape since 2010
    "Boundaries be gone - a cross genre, cross continent journey through all the best new music brought to you with wit, erudition and the odd mispronunciation. It's an utter joy to have these guys back on the airways and an utter treat listening to some of the brilliant music they unearth week in, week out."
  • Essential listening
    "I absolutely love this podcast! The presenters have wonderfully eclectic tastes combined with a passion for sharing new and brilliant music with the world. Equally important the banter manages to be a little silly at times without getting irritating. Great job guys. Long live the Independent Music Podcast.
  • Weird and wonderful all the way
    "Some great music and perfect for the commute! If you like something a bit different then def give this a listen."
  • So much good stuff
    "Firstly, I like my music from the independent end of the spectrum, but there's no way I would have ever gotten to hear anywhere near half of these tracks without this podcast. The hosts clearly know what they like and they share it enthusiastically, there's something for everyone in this cross-genre mish-mash. So if you're looking for something interesting, fun, silly, and in all likelihood, unheard of by your ears - check it out."
  • Brilliant stuff!
    "Just stumbled across this podcast on Facebook (I think). A diverse selection of excellent songs and just enough banter to keep it flowing nicely with helpful info about the bands and labels."
  • lovely stuff
    "The Independent Music Podcast is brilliant. I've only recently become a regular listener and enjoyed every episode so far. Although I don't like all the music they play (a few stinkers), I am always happy to hear new music from two friends who are clearly very passionate. Ta!"
  • Completely random and always entertaining
    "I've now listened to all of the podcasts and I love hearing music I never would otherwise hear. It's always mad but there are many gems and Anthony and Gareth are always entertaining in their own right!"
  • "Just found your podcast and must say it is the best out there! I used to listen to Dr. No One of Drug Music and Sound of Plaid before their demise. Gentlemen, your podcast is even better and I would put it in the realm of the late great John Peel.  Thanks guys for exposing me to many eclectic sounds."
    Emmett Allenwebsite comment

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