#216 – Cucina Povera, Bell Lungs, Saba Alizadeh, Black Bombaim, Faten Kanaan

Taking ambience to the extreme this week, there is a lot of beautiful music on podcast 216, not least the absolute exquisite records from Cucina Povera and Faten Kanaan. Amongst the picks this week is Iranian spike fiddle, screaming Scottish acapellas, sound recordings from the Argentinian jungle and more.

Black Bombaim w/Jonathan Saldanha – 20180415 (Lovers & Lollypops, Portugal / Cardinal Fuzz, UK)
Cucina Povera – ZOOM0003 (Night School, UK)
Daniel Thorne – From Inside, Looking Out (Erased Tapes, UK)
Bile Sister – Leiko (NPNP House Remix) (Personal Records, Canada)
Faten Kanaan – Wildflowers (More Than Human, Canada)
Saba Alizadeh – Dream (Karlrecords, Germany)
Errant Monks – Sdvig! (Maternal Voice, Sweden)
Nuji – En (Intruder Alert, Poland)
Bell Lungs – Wolves Behind Us (self-release, UK)
Ernesto Ardita – Pulsar (Biodiversità Records, Italy)

Thanks to Nick McCorriston for editing this week’s show. Visit his website at nickamc.com and follow him on Twitter @nickamc

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