#286 – Mungo’s Hi Fi x Marina P, Foonyap, Man Rei, Neinzer, Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg

We’re pretty confident that you’ll find something to fall in love with on this week’s podcast. The quality is so high and the musical explorations so varied, there’s nearly something for everyone. Whether it’s the sample-laden bewitching sounds from Estonia from Man Rei, or the dub-laced psych from… err… Estonia in the shape of Huerequeque. We have experimental bebop (if that’s actually possible), Cameroonian house, hefty rock, and possibly the first DJ Scotch Egg-branded LP in 12 years – it’s a cracker.

Nkom Bivoué – From the Space (self-release, Cameroon)
Man Rei – Itch Itch (Crash Symbols, USA)
Huerequeque – Phinnuks Silmas (Trash Can Dance, Estonia)
Neinzer – Nabi (Where to Now? Records, UK)
We Wild Blood – Drinking on Trains (Hot Fools, UK)
Gooooose & DJ Scotch Egg – JAC (Svbkvlt, China)
Acadjmia – A Gate Beyond (feat. Hibotep) (self-release, USA)
Nicole McCabe and Logan Kane – Wormy (Fantastic Voyage, USA)
Foonyap – Free and Easy Wandering (Song, by Toad, UK)
Mungo’s Hi Fi x Marina P – Soma (Scotch Bonnet, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston

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