#287 – Hekla, Blaq Bandana, Rian Treanor, Shanique Marie, O.B.F & Nazamba

This is our first show in a long time where we’ve recorded in the same room, and it’s all the better for it. Here in the UK we specialise in warm beer, but the Hot Beer of Nazamba that opens this podcast puts us in a much better place than the curiosities of post-lockdown Britain. We also welcome in the new sounds from the mesmerising Hekla, Ugandan grime, South Yorkshire Singeli, Jamaican Kumina and a whole lot of other treats.

O.B.F & Nazamba – Hot Beer (OBF-Dubquake Records, France)
Hekla – Tvö Þrjú Slit (Phantom Limb, UK)
Blaq Bandana – Motoka Yange (East African Records, Uganda)
Neptunian Maximalism – To The Earth: Daiitoku-Myōō no ŌDAIKO 大威徳明王 鼓童 – L’Impact De Théia durant l’Éon Hadéen (I, Voidhanger Records, Italy)
Holy Tongue – Emet (Amidah Records, UK)
Rian Treanor – Hypnic Jerks (Planet Mu, UK)
Shanique Marie – Freak (Equiknoxx Music, Jamaica)
Combat Pretty – Silence the Room (self-release, UK)
Contours & Yadava – Udu (ANMA Records / Flumo Recordings, UK)
Dona feat. Aloth – Corsa Contro Il Tempo (Mannequin Records, Germany)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston

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