#289 – John Dwyer, Belbury Poly, Julia Meijer, Al-Namrood, Wendy Eisenberg, Albertine Sarges

We are exploring a whole range of sounds on this week’s show, kicking off with the opening track from Albertine Sarges’ sublime debut LP on Moshi Moshi, we move swiftly through phenomenal jazz via the newsish spiritual jazz label Spiritmuse, bewitching electronics from Belbury Poly, a humongous John Dwyer-led ensemble cast for experimental psych, Saudi Arabian metal from Al-Namrood, a lot more guitars than usual and a whole lot more.

Albertine Sarges – Free Today (Moshi Moshi Music, UK)
Cosmic Vibrations ft. Dwight Trible – Nature’s Vision (Spiritmuse Records, UK)
Josiah Steinbrick – Full Bloom (Hands in the Dark, France)
Raikes Parade – Take A Nibble (Ruff Kutz, UK)
John Dwyer, Ryan Sawyer, Peter Kerlin, Tom Dolas, Brad Caulkins, Kyp Malone & Marcos Rodriguez – Misanthrope Gets Lunch (Castle Face Records, USA)
Al-Namrood – Sahara Yaesa (Shaytan Productions, Canada)
Wendy Eisenberg – Futures (Ba Da Bing, USA)
Figueroa – Weather Girl (Nomark, USA)
Belbury Poly – Copse (Ghost Box Records, UK)
Julia Meijer – Skydda Dig (PinDrop Records, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston

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