#295 – Keeley Forsyth, Moor Mother, Pharaoh Overlord, UKAEA, Maciej Maciągowski, drwg

This podcast explores all reaches of musical experimentation, some weeks you might hear disco, other weeks you may hear metal. So when Finnish faves Pharaoh Overload combined the two on their new record for Rocket Recordings, we had to sit up and listen. Thankfully it’s phenomenal.

Elsewhere on this show we have pseudo gabba from Maciej Maciągowski, extreme death metal from Indonesia’s Kropos, jazz from Moor Mother, hip hop, modern classical and a lot more

Pharaoh Overlord – Without Song All Will Perish (Rocket Recordings, UK)
Maciej Maciągowski – GNOMIE (Glamour Label, Poland)
Stef Kett – Grimes / Cargill (Bar Marfil Records / Romac Puncture Repairs, UK)
Kropos – Social Contraception (Vomit Your Shirt, Portugal)
Sam Barton – Presbyterians! (self-release, UK)
Keeley Forsyth – Photograph (The Leaf Label, UK)
Moor Mother – Act 1 – Working Machine (Don Giovanni Records, USA)
UKAEA – Vampire Moth (Hominid Sounds, UK)
drwg – I’m Dressed in Ghost Meat (Snapping Like Crab Legs) (Deathbomb Arc, USA)
Machineone – Snow Träsk (Flau Recordings, Japan)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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