#302 – Senyawa, Eels, Christian Fitness, Air Max ’97, The End, Mark Dicker

As we get towards the end of 2020, the exceptional music just keeps on coming.

Looking towards 2021, Phantom Limb have brand new music from Indonesian experimental pioneers Senyawa coming out that we preview this week. Looking even further afield – to 2022 – mclusky have their first LP in nearly 20 years coming out, and we have the first taste of that via Andy Falkous’ one-man band Christian Fitness.

We also have delicious music from right now: we have the krautrock-infused sounds of Croydon’s The Carbonators, we have Swedish jazz from The End, wonky polyrhythms from Air Max ’97, stunning modern classical from David Allred and loads more.

Christian Fitness – Stop Feeding the Houseplants (mclusky d/d/demo) (self-release, UK)
Mark Dicker – Coarse & Fine Aggregates (Tesla Tapes, UK)
The End (Sofia Jernberg, Mats Gustafsson, Kjetil Møster, Anders Hana, Børge Fjordheim) – Allt Är Intet (RareNoise Records, UK)
The Carbonators  – Oh Ship (St. Clements Records, UK)
Senyawa – Istana (Phantom Limb, UK)
Eels – Are We Alright Again (E Works, USA)
Air Max ’97 – Triple Pendulum (Decisions, UK)
Kukaya – Gologolo (the Sleeker) (1000Hz, Poland)
David Allred – Poet Tree (Solo Piano) (Erased Tapes, UK)
Nakul Krishnamurthy – Anudhatthamudhatthassvaritham (Tokuroko, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

2 thoughts on “#302 – Senyawa, Eels, Christian Fitness, Air Max ’97, The End, Mark Dicker”

  1. Hey guys. enjoyed your latest podcast. Wasnt aware that Eels had new stuff out. so thanks for enlightening me!

    I wanted to send you some music but the process seem verrrry cryptic. with no email address or form on your website. ALso listening all the way through the podcast as you request, and i dont recall it mentioning there how to submit.

    Please advise!




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