#303 – Gazelle Twin & NYX, Tunes Of Negation, Sulk, Negativland, Agrupación Changó, Alex Stolze

The long-awaited (okay, 12 months) return of Shackleton’s Tunes of Negation is a real highlight at the end of this week’s show. Before that we have a treasure trove of experimental sounds, from the blistering grindcore of Sulk to the stunning modern classical of Mirry.

Also on the show, we have Gazelle Twin and NYX’s exquisitely unsettling cover of Paul Giovanni and Magnet’s Fire Leap (from The Wicker Man), we have collage art from Negativland, cumbia from Agrupación Changó, Peruvian 8-bit coldwave and a lot more.

Negativland – We Can Really Feel Like We’re Here (Seeland Productions)
Agrupación Changó – Oroí oroá (Llorona Records, Colombia)
Vapour Theories – Breaking Down(The Portals Of Hell) (Fire Records, UK)
Sulk – Pee-Wee Gurnman (ft De Mosselman) (self-release, UK)
Mirry – Study in B flat Minor (Dinked Edition, UK)
Alex Stolze – Horses and Acres (Nonostar Records, Germany)
Loosers – Kill Screen (Lovers & Lollypops, Portugal)
Varsovia – Hablemos Claramente (Buh Records, Peru)
Gazelle Twin & NYX – Fire Leap (NYX Collective Records, UK)
Tunes Of Negation – Your Message is Peace (Cosmo Rhythmatic, Germany)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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