#307 – MF Doom, Yao Bobby & Simon Grab, CARM, Boldy James x Meyhem Lauren, Baïkonour, Iman Houssein

We start 2021 with music that is generally more mellow, contemplative, but no less extraordinary than the music you’re used to on the podcast. Kicking things off with avant-folk of Birdengine, there’s hints of modern classical from Doug Wieselman and CARM.

We also have a very early contender for most exciting record of the year, with the first taste of the debut LP from Yao Bobby and Simon Grab, there’s experimental music from Superalma Project, kraut-tinged sounds from Baïkonour, a tribute to the late, great MF Doom, and much more.

Birdengine – The Woe Spills (Eyeless Records, UK)
Yao Bobby & Simon Grab – Black Revolution (LAVALAVA Records, UK)
Doug Wieselman – Hope For The Trees (Figureight, USA)
CARM – Soft Night (37d03d, USA)
Baïkonour – Desert Song (self-release, UK)
Iman Houssein – Turkey (Ghost Notes Worldwide, UK)
Superalma Project – Love is a Many-Splintered Thing (Glamour label, Poland)
Fred E. Fresh – Wrapped Up-Tight (Analog Records, USA)
Boldy James x Meyhem Lauren (prod. Real Bad Man) – Light Bill (Griselda Records, USA)
Madvillain – All Caps (Stones Throw, USA)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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