#311 – Mikado Koko, Nahawa Doumbia, Party Dozen, свяотй источник, Death is Not the End, Gaffa Bandana

Do you like Indonesian horse riding metal? Do you like Panamanian shellac? Do you like tired radio advert voices from pirate radio stations between 1984 and 1993? Then you’ll love the Independent Music Podcast!

We’re bringing you the very best in Japanese translated avant-garde French poetry, experimental Russian noises, slow grime and more! Straight out of South London to you, wherever you are in the world. Tune in or miss out!

We’ve got the hottest tracks from the very best labels, here they are in order of being played:

Dolenz – Blak Helicopters feat. Dabbla (Potentfunk Records, UK)
Nansarunai – Enthronement Ceremony (Death Kvlt Productions, UK / Banner Of Blood, USA)
Nahawa Doumbia – Djougoh (Awesome Tapes from Africa, USA)
свяотй источник – Kino (self-release, Russia)
Unknown – Limelight / Ravers Dateline / Under 18s Disco (Death is Not the End Records, UK)
Party Dozen – The Worker (GRUPO, Australia)
Mikado Koko – Ten Little Kuronbo (Akuphone, France)
Grupo Istmeño – Coge el Pandero Que Se Te Va (Panama) (Dust-to-Digital, USA)
Cousin – 1 Tun (Moonshoe, Australia)
Gaffa Bandana – Breakage (Human Worth, UK)

All edited by our main man Nick McCorriston

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