#317 – Jane Weaver, Jen Shyu, Ami Dang, Loraine James, NADJA, Jaubi

Simply exquisite noises emanating from this podcast, starting with the Korean-German contemporary dub of JahYu remixing the new Penguin Sound. We have extraordinary music from Jen Shyu, magical dream pop experimentation from Jane Weaver, pirate ship jungle music from Equiknoxx-affiliate Sección De Ritmo, Pakistan jazz from Jaubi and loads more.

Penguin Sound – Rain (JahYu Remix) (Tripedal Crow Records, Germany)
Loraine James – Simple Stuff (Hyperdub, UK)
Jaubi – Satanic Nafs (Astigmatic Records, UK)
NADJA – Luminous Rot (Southern Lord Records, USA)
Ami Dang: 鬼 The Demon (Phantom Limb, UK)
Dignan Porch – Hidden Levels (self-release, UK)
Sección De Ritmo – No Drama Llama (EquiknoxxMusic, Jamaica)
Jane Weaver – Flock (Fire Records, UK)
Jen Shyu – Life as You Envision (Pi Recordings, USA)
Trigger Cut – Solid State (self-release, Germany)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston

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