#327 – Mdou Moctar, Springtime, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Not Waving & Marie Davidson, Fuzzy Lights, Dead Neanderthals

Screaming Tuareg, experimental funk from 80s Japan, drone jazz, and a whole lot more to celebrate our first in-person Independent Music Podcast since God knows when.

Mdou Moctar – Chismiten (Matador Records, USA)
Springtime – Penumbra (Live in Melbourne) (Tropical Fuck Storm Records, Australia)
Minoru “Hoodoo” Fushimi – Makezu Bushi (180g, France)
N0V3L – Group Disease (Meat Machine, UK)
Dead Neanderthals – Restraining Order (God Unknown Records, UK)
Paranoid London – Annihilate The World & Start All Over (Paranoid London Records, UK)
Georgia Anne Muldrow – Old Jack Swings (FORESEEN Entertainment, Canada)
Ayuune Sule – Don’t Be Lazy (Rebel Up! Records, Belgium)
Not Waving – Hold On feat. Marie Davidson (Ecstatic Recordings, UK)
Fuzzy Lights – Maiden’s Call (Meadows, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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