#335 – The Bug, JK Flesh & Gnod, Comité Hypnotisé, Roughneck Jihad & Senz Beats, Haiku Salut, Alpha Steppa

Dub abounds in many of its forms on the Independent Music Podcast this week, from the heavy pounding of Kevin Martin’s The Bug, to funk-infused dub experiments from Tim Vanhamel’s Comité Hypnotisé moniker, via dub steppers from the master Alpha Steppas.

We also have Japanese punk from the ace O’ Summer Vacation, sludge metal from Brazil’s Papangu, ambient, hiphop, a brilliant collaboration between JK Flesh and Gnod and more.

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O’Summer Vacation – 扁桃腺のモニーク (Damnably, UK)
The Bug – Pressure (feat. Flowdan) (Ninja Tune, UK)
Comité Hypnotisé – F O (Cortizona, Belgium)
QNDFK – Purloin Theme (Fallen Moon Recordings, USA)
Roughneck Jihad & Senz Beats – Catastrophe (Boot Records, UK)
Papangu – São Francisco (self-release, Brazil)
Klotang – Hyperthruster (Love Love Records, UK)
Haiku Salut – We Need These Beams (Secret Name, UK)
Alpha Steppa – Valhalla (Tripedal Crow Records, Germany)
JK Flesh – Not Listening (Gnod Version) (The State51 Conspiracy, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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