#345 – Aya, Shackleton, Jerusalem In My Heart, Mario Batkovic & James Holden, Christina Vantzou, Majid Soula

There’s nothing that’ll kickstart your body quite like a funky slice of Algerian-born Amazigh music. The lead track from Habibi Funk’s Majid Soula compilation is a real hip-shaker, and just the tonic for whatever ales you this week.

There’s a lot more than that to get stuck into as well – from clattering percussive electronics from the new Jerusalem in My Heart LP, to exceptional experimental folk from Maria Elena Silva, via boogielicious reggae thanks to Kalita Records raiding the expensive section of your long-lost music store.

Elsewhere, we never tire of celebrating the new Aya record on Hyperdub – a truly forward-looking masterpiece – nor the extent of sounds that Mario Batkovic can squeeze out of an accordion. On this track he’s collaborating with James Holden, and the results are fantastic.

And that’s not all: jazz, Indian classical fused with industrial sounds, the latest wonderful record from Shackleton, and the ambient atmospheric sounds of Christina Vantzou make this week’s show a pleasure from start to finish.

Majid Soula – Netseweth Sifassan Nagh (Habibi Funk, Germany)
Jerusalem In My Heart – Abyad Barraq (w/Greg Fox) (Constellation Records, Canada)
AYA – OoB Prosthesis (Hyperdub, UK)
Burnt Sugar The Arkestra Chamber – * inna-Lisala-Over-Oakanda (Avant Groidd Musica, USA)
Only Now – Slit Ties (feat. Robin Sukhadia) (Bokeh Versions, UK)
Maria Elena Silva – December (Big Ego Records, USA)
Desmond Chambers – Haly Gully (Version) (Kalita Records, UK)
Mario Batkovic – Chorea Duplex (feat. James Holden) (Invada, UK)
Christina Vantzou – A Soundtrack for Growth (Slow Moves, France)
Shackleton – Something Tells Me / Pour Out Like Water (Woe To The Septic Heart!, Germany)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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1 thought on “#345 – Aya, Shackleton, Jerusalem In My Heart, Mario Batkovic & James Holden, Christina Vantzou, Majid Soula”

  1. Incredible ep this week lads, my fave of the year, I think — just strength to strength… Definitely going to add some of these titles to my basket…
    It sounds as though you’re both having to select from too many solid new releases / reissues each week… is there anywhere that you can post a list of other releases that caught your ears each week but just didn’t make the cut?
    Thanks as always, and thanks state51!


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