#347 – The Eccentronic Research Council, Trupa Trupa, Juçara Marçal, Bad Tracking, Sophie Cooper, VÄLVĒ

London label Mais Um’s ear for extraordinary music from Brazil continues unabated with the exceptional track that opens this week’s Independent Music Podcast. The music of Juçara Marçal is relatively new to us, but the first few bars of her astonishing track ‘Crash’ sink their hooks into you very quickly. It’s a stunning way to get going.

What follows is an otherworldly journey through genres, with a little more guitar than usual this time around. We have the debut EP from Irish indie punks M(h)aol, experimental trombone folk from Yorkshire’s Sophie Cooper, dub techno workouts from Autumns just to name a few.

We also have the blistering collaboration between Sepultura co-founder Iggor Cavalera, Venezuelan electronic producer Cardopusher, and Dwid Hellion, founder of early hardcore trailblazers Integrity, coming together as Corroded Spiral on pod favourites Phantom Limb.

If that’s not enough. We throw in some Greek electronics, modern classical, Polish punk, and a little bit more for good measure.

Juçara Marçal – Crash (Mais Um, UK)
M(h)aol – Laundries (TULLE, UK)
Sophie Cooper – Goodbye Gemini (Borley Rectory, UK)
Bad Tracking – Black Rew (Avon Terror Corps, UK)
Christos Chondropoulos – Jungle X (The Death of Rave, UK)
VÄLVĒ – Retrace/Repeat (The state51 Conspiracy, UK)
Corroded Spiral – Forgotten Ether (Phantom Limb, UK)
Trupa Trupa – Twitch (Glitterbeat Records, Germany)
Autumns – Eating On The Ground (Touch Sensitive Records, UK)
The Eccentronic Research Council – Face Creams & Virile Men (Desolate Spools, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

This week’s episode is sponsored by The state51 Conspiracy, a creative hub for music. Head to state51.com to find releases by JK Flesh vs Gnod, Steve Jansen, MrUnderwood, Wire, Ghost Box, Lo Recordings, Subtext Records and many more

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