#350 – Pye Corner Audio, Boris, Black Dice, Princess Diana of Wales, Gooooose & Skyshaker

We clock up 350 episodes of the Independent Music Podcast with the last conventional podcast of 2021, proving that there’s still time for a new favourite artist of the year to emerge.

There are plenty of options here for you, from the long-awaited return of Black Dice to the truly exceptional emergence of Princess Diana of Wales – the project of London-based Laila Sakini. We also have the latest from podcast favourite Pye Corner Audio, the debut release from Hard Fist co-director Tushen Raï, the new one from the always-unpredictable Japanese psych rockers Boris, and more.

Pye Corner Audio – Symbiosis (Ghost Box, UK)
Gooooose – Arp Kicks (Skyshaker Novox) (SVBKVLT, China)
Plastiq + 13 Year Cicada – Crackles on C4D4 (Gandula, Spain)
Tushen Raï  – East-Balearism (Cracki Records, France)
Boris – Drowning by Numbers (Sacred Bones, USA)
Angels of Pompeii – So High (Avidya, UK)
Black Dice – White Sugar (FourFour Records, USA)
Princess Diana of Wales – Fragments of Blue (A Colourful Storm, Australia)
Rheum – 45m (self-release, UK)
Earl Young – Take Them in Prayer (Athens of the North, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

This week’s episode is sponsored by The state51 Conspiracy, a creative hub for music. Head to state51.com to find releases by JK Flesh vs Gnod, Steve Jansen, MrUnderwSood, Wire, Ghost Box, Lo Recordings, Subtext Records and many more

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