#354 – Slikback x Giant Swan, YĪN YĪN, Koma Saxo with Sofia Jernberg, Tom Blip, Melaine Dalibert

What a start to 2022! Ten new tracks for you that are extraordinary in their variety and invention. From the opening track from Alex Silva and the enigmatic music of Tony Gallardo, through to a blistering collaboration between Slikback and Giant Swan, which is as good as you’d dare to hope from two of electronic music’s great trailblazers.

Elsewhere, we have sublime Finnish jazz from Koma Saxo and Fire! Orchestra’s Sofia Jernberg, the disco-fused latest from YĪN YĪN, metal from Kurokuma, modern classical, UK funky and more.

Alex Silva – Wordl (Hidden Mantra, UK)
Tony Gallardo – Plata O Plomo (Hakuna Kulala, Uganda)
Koma Saxo with Sofia Jernberg – Koma Kaprifol (We Jazz Records, Finland)
YĪN YĪN – Nautilus (Glitterbeat Records, Germany)
Kurokuma – Jaguar (self-release, UK)
Melaine Dalibert – Shimmering (Ici d’ailleurs, France)
Uzu Noir – Jx-Q (self-release, Finland)
Tom Blip – Kickdrums!!! (More Time, UK)
Slikback x Giant Swan – Tyranid (self-release, Kenya)
Rilla – Isn’s (Svbkvlt, China)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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