#356 – Nik Colk Void, Angel-Ho, Lay Llamas, Oyubi, Zyggurat, Hidden Horse

Exclusively exciting new music on this week’s podcast, with debut releases from Hidden Horse, Zyggurat and The Web of Lies all proving to be highlights.

Even the olden sounds of Angkor in Cambodia have a contemporary freshness to them, as does the first long-player from the irrepressible Nik Colk Void.

Elsewhere we have blistering electronics from Oyubi, a dub-infused new Lay Llamas record, and the first taste of the 2022 vintage of Swedish label Höga Nord’s singles club.

Zyggurat – Nebula (self-release, UK)
Oyubi – Report a Crash (Trekkie Trax, Japan)
Hidden Horse – Túnel de Iniciação Sideral (Holuzam, Portugal)
Angel-Ho – Traction (self-release, South Africa)
The Web of Lies – Receiver (Wrong Speed Records, UK)
Jesse Paul Miller – Buddhist Wat Call (Angkor) (self-release, USA)
Lay Llamas – Circular Time (Black Sweat, Italy)
Soft-Bodied Humans x Swordman Kitala – Bagan (Phantom Limb, UK)
Nik Colk Void – Interruption is Good (Editions Mego, Austria)
Crash Override – Tukan (Höga Nord Rekords, Sweden)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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