#357 – Modern Nature, Nyokabi Kariuki, Hot in da Club, Za!, Bezbog, Scrabbel

Maximum riffage bookending this week’s Independent Music Podcast with thrashing Esperanto-singing Tokyo punks Socio La Difekta getting us started and the epic Wild Rocket release on Riot Season closing us out.

The filling in the riff sandwich is a wild journey of noise, from the hip-thrusting power of Nihiloxica-affiliated Hot in da Club to italo-disco delights of Bézier, through the cinematic epics of Portuguese duo Bezbog and folk sounds of Bella Union’s Modern Nature.

We also have twisted takes on Lunar New Year music, Korean-mythology influenced jazz, Kenyan modern classical, and more.

Socio La Difekta – Nur Unu Ekzisto (Beach Impediment Records, USA)
Za! – Somos Todos (Gandula, Spain)
Hot in da Club – Scary Synth (Spooky Shit, UK)
Nyokabi Kariuki – Equator Song (SA Recordings, UK)
Scrabbel – The Mischievous Dokkaebi (wiaiwya, UK)
Bézier – Valencia (Dark Entries, USA)
Bezbog – Salamandra (Favela Discos, Portugal)
Modern Nature – Dunes (Bella Union, UK)
Yip Yiu Kwan – 李白和你Rave (FINGERGAP, Hong Kong)
Wild Rocket – Formless Abyss (Riot Season, UK)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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