#365 – Jana Rush, Dame Area, Party Dozen, Kate Stables & Rachael Dadd, Shit and Shine, Oksana Linde

What a selection this is! We’re always happy with the selection of music we bring to each and every Independent Music Podcast, but there is something truly magical about this combination of tracks.

There’s a whole lot of maximalism in small packages, from the very first track we have heavy jazz skronk combining with ferocious ‘punch a hole in your soul’ drumming of Australian duo Party Dozen. We follow that with the latest dance floor-friendly industrial body music of Barcelona duo Dame Area, whose Ondas Tribales record on Mannequin was one of our favourites of last year, and the follow-up is equally wonderful.

Elsewhere we’ve got an introduction to Venezuela synthesiser pioneer Oksana Linde, and a more contemporary female footwork pioneer Jana Rush. We have Indonesian disco from Midnight Runners, a This is the Kit cover of Rachael Dadd, and so much more.

Party Dozen – The Iron Boot (Temporary Residence Ltd., USA)
Dame Area – Esto me Pertenece (Humo Internacional, Spain)
Oksana Linde – Intromersión (Buh Records, Peru)
Jana Rush – Don’t Want No Dick (Planet Mu, UK)
Why Patterns – Wretched Makeshifts (Human Worth, UK)
Midnight Runners – La Mama (Star Creature Universal Vibrations, USA)
Will Glaser – Beginnings (Ubuntu Music, UK)
Kate Stables, Rachael Dadd – Palaeontologist (Memphis Industries, UK)
Count Jaakola – Keep It In the Ground (self-release, UK)
Shit and Shine – SOCKTAGON (Riot Season, UK / The Garotte, USA)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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