#366 – Sote, BFTT, Lia Mice, Team GB, Roedelius & Story, 自主制作テクノ(ミヤタ)

We’re moving fairly uptempo this week. The opening refrain of piano music from 自主制作テクノ(ミヤタ) quickly gives way to blistering techno, and we have plenty of examples of high, obtuse BPM to rattle through a strong hour along with.

It’s not all wildly uptempo though, we gave you the first taste of Lia Mice’s new record on Objects Limited way back in August, and we’ve got another for you now. We have gamelan music from the brilliant Ensemble Nist-Nah, the more contemplative side of Sote’s genius, and much more

自主制作テクノ(ミヤタ)- 旧市街  (self-release, Japan)
Sote – Life (Sub Rosa Label, Belgium)
Team GB – Cold Vacuum (Aeronema, Czechia)
Golden Psalms – Eliza Talk (Here on In Records, UK)
Pinkcourtesyphone – Drained by the Very Nearness (Room40, USA)
Ensemble Nist-Nah – Geni / Tirta (Black Truffle, Australia)
Ekhe – Yeh Yeh Yeh (Spooky Shit, UK)
Lia Mice – Sweat Like Caramel (Objects Limited, UK)
BFTT – Rezalemass (TT, UK)
Roedelius & Story – Spirit Clock (Erased Tapes, UK)

This week’s episode is sponsored by The state51 Conspiracy, a creative hub for music. Head to state51.com to find releases by JK Flesh vs Gnod, Steve Jansen, MrUnderwSood, Wire, Ghost Box, Lo Recordings, Subtext Records and many more

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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