#369 – William Basinski & Janek Schaefer, Yokubari, Minimal Compact, Dhidalah, Konvent, GAF & The Love Supreme Arkestra

Exceptional long workouts on this week’s Independent Music Podcast coming at you from all over the musical spectrum. From ferocious Japanese space rock to twisted metal, to fire and brimstone spiritual jazz, there’s a lot to spend some good quality time with.

On the shorter side, we have Maori recordings from the early 20th Century, ex-Black Dice/Lightning Bolt genre melder Hisham Akira Bharoocha’s Yokubari moniker, supreme reissued Israeli post-punk, lo-fi folk, and lots more.

Dhidalah – Invader Summer (Guruguru Brain, Netherlands)
Yokubari – Buki vs Buki (Chinabot, UK)
Cerrero y la Marea – Lamento (Canta Lizeth Micolta) (Llorona Records, Colombia)
Minimal Compact – Statik Dancin’ (Fortuna Records, Israel)
Martha Maclaren – Jake (self-release, UK)
GAF & The Love Supreme Arkestra – Fuego en el Cielo (Discrepant, UK / Keroxen, Spain / Foehn Records, Spain)
Konvent – Harena (Napalm Records, Austria) 
Dvanov – Функциональная музыка (Functional Music) (Cruel Nature Records, UK)
William Basinski & Janek Schaefer – …On Reflection (One) (Temporary Residence Ltd., USA)
Ana Hato – Waita Poi (Canary Records, USA)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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