#374 – Holy Tongue, Oï les Ox, Le Petit, Numa Crew feat. Riko Dan, D. Dan, Deep Thought

After been forced out of clubs for two years, we’d almost forgotten what a true late night club banger sounded like. Fortunately Lobster Theremin are on hand, specifically with the cracking new D. Dan record, to get you all deep into it this week.

Elsewhere it’s a journey all over the world: we have ferocious Polish punk from Ohyda, immense percussive music from the brilliant Holy Tongue, abstract (and less abstract) jungle from Oï les Ox and Italy’s Numa Crew, and a whole lot more.

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D.Dan – Sudan Sedan (Lobster Theremin, UK)
Ohyda – Jeszcze Tańszego Człowieka (Potrzebujemy) (La Vida es un Mus Discos, UK)
Oï les Ox – La MAJ (Promesses, France)
Holy Tongue – Spirit Mask (Amidah Records, UK)
Solah – Et si tu n’existais pas (Cheap Satanism Records, Belgium) 
Linda Ayupuka – Yine Faamam (Mais Um Discos, UK)
Numa Crew – Babylon feat. Riko Dan (Jungle Version) (Numa Crew, Italy)
Bagaski – Juxtapose (See Blue Audio, Spain)
Le Petit – Ferro (Maga Circe Musica, Italy)
Deep Thought – Forever (feat. Chester Watson & OG Bey Harris) (Impossible Records, USA)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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