#380 – The Shaolin Afronauts, Maria W Horn & Sara Parkman, Demdike Stare, hmurd, Kassie Krut, Oyubi

We’re cracking out the lengthy crackers on this week’s Independent Music Podcast – taking it into the jazz left field with France’s Scaring the Mice for Revenge and the Swedish duo Maria W Horn and Sara Parkman. We also have bangers from Japan’s Oyubi, Germany’s Rennhorse with DJ Fuckoff and hmurd.

We also have the long-awaited return of Adelaide’s Shaolin Afronauts, alongside Burum, Kassie Krut, and and an immense 30-minuter from Demdike Stare.

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Oyubi – Chirp (self-release, Japan)
Scaring the Mice For Revenge – Birds Riding On Top Of Trucks (Prohibited Records, France)
Maria W Horn & Sara Parkman – Lacrimosa (XKatedral, Sweden)
Kassie Krut – Killing It (self-release, USA)
Rennhorse feat. DJ Fuckoff – Dancefloor Choppa (Juicy Gang Records, Germany)
Scott Twynholm – Underwater Swimming (De-Fence Records, UK)
The Shaolin Afronauts – The Simian Fox (Freestyle Records, UK)
Burum – Cariad Cywir (self-release, UK)
hmurd – Red Sky at Night (TT, UK)
Demdike Stare – Physics Side A (DDS, UK)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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