#381 – Cucina Povera & Ben Vince, Petbrick, AK Sports, Italia 90, Bianca Oblivion, Hagop Tchaparian

Absolute stunners abound on this week’s Independent Music Podcast. Anthony is very excited about the new solo track from Symposium’s Hagop Tchaparian, Gareth has a pair of tracks from Warp Mode pair AK Sports and Bianca Oblivion.

We have an absolutely beautiful track from the debut record of Exotic Baryon, we also have a long-awaited debut from Italia 90. We have a fantastic coming together of two favourites – Finland’s Cucina Povera alongside multi-instrumentalist Ben Vince.

Other than that: grime, techno, drone, Uruguayan ghetto bass, and much more

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Hagop Tchaparian – Raining (Text Records, UK)
AK Sports – Dial Up (Lobster Theremin, UK)
Italia 90 – Magdalene (Brace Yourself, UK)
Exotic Baryon – Descending (self-release, Germany)
Petbrick – Primer (Rocket Recordings, UK)
Cucina Povera & Ben Vince – Sumu Puistossa (Ecstatic Recordings, UK)
Staraya Derevnya – Boulder Blues (Ramble Records, Australia)
Bianca Oblivion – Bad Gyal (feat. Thai Chi Rosé & Dyer MC) (Future Bounce, UK)
Sarahsson – I am the Earth (Illegal Data, UK)
YOZY – Ay! Que Calor (self-release, Spain)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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