#386 – Sun Ra Arkestra, Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man, The Lord † Petra Haden, Ósserp, Dead Horses, Cicadahead

We’re reaching into some unusual territories on this week’s Independent Music Podcast and – for a podcast that takes eclecticism to an extreme – that’s saying something. From Skramz-pop to Raï techno, Grindcore to devotional drone, there’s a lot of feast for your ears, as well as music that shall feast upon your ears.

Some classic favourite labels make an appearance, including Portugal’s Favela Discos and Southern Lord, alongside some more recent favourites with Italy’s Tuff Kong and Maple Death. We also have much more adolescent labels, including Oddball Fantasies out of Belgium and Utter from the UK. All in all, there’s plenty to love.

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Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man – Tokyo Blunts Ft. Armand Hammer & ConQuest Tony Phillips (Tuff Kong Records, Italy)
The Lord † Petra Haden – Devotional (Southern Lord, USA)
Cicadahead – Mkultra RP (Honeysuckle Records / Oliver Glenn Records, USA)
Sun Ra Arkestra – Somebody Else’s Idea (Omni Sound, USA)
Ósserp – Cavalcant l’Ossa Menor (Eternal Juggernaut Records, Kremón Records, Hecatombe Records, Brutal Arratia Records, Cruzade Records, Spain)
Coralie – For Morey (Utter, UK)
Cheb Runner – Drarai Telecom (Oddball Fantasies, Belgium)
Dead Horses – Macabro (Maple Death Records, Italy)
NPLGNN – Inna Danza (Youth, UK)
Dies Lexic – Praying Machine (Favela Discos, Portugal)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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