#392 – Rian Treanor & Ocen James, Immaterial Possession, Giant Swan, Sourdure, Sister Wives, Maxime Denuc

A rapid-fire Independent Music Podcast this week where we explore witchy folk, Polish full-throttle techno, and modern classical, adding onto that a particularly banging section for our patrons.

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Parkineos – Bizcochito (Remix) (self-release, Spain) 
Sister Wives – Greater Place (Libertino Records, UK)
Sourdure – Atteindre Plein (three:four Records, Switzerland)
Julek Ploski – Julek! (Glamor Label, Poland)
Immaterial Possession – Midnight Wander (Fire Records, UK)
Maxime Denuc – Infinite End (Vlek, Belgium)
Rian Treanor & Ocen James – Bunga Blue (Nyege Nyege Tapes, Uganda)
Trauma Bond – House of No Man (Panurus Productions, UK)
Nick León – Separation Anxiety (Wisdom Teeth, UK)
Giant Swan – RRR+1 (KECK, UK)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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