#396 – Patron favourites of 2022

Our final episode of the year sees us highlighting the tracks of the year that our patrons have loved. From Afghan folk to Japanese electro and thundering metal, it’s an eclectic selection.

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Crash Override – Tukan (Höga Nord Rekords, Sweden)
Party Dozen – The Iron Boot (Temporary Residence Ltd., USA)
Minoru “Hoodoo” Fushimi – In Praise of Mitochondria (180g, France)
Naujawanan Baidar – Akram Yari (Radio Khiyaban, Netherlands)
Hagop Tchaparian – Raining (Text Records, UK)
Persher – Man With the Magic Soap (Thrill Jockey, USA)
Carla Dal Forno – Come Around (Kallista Records, Uk)
Dame Area – Innamorata del tuo Controllo (Màgia Roja, Spain)
Sam Barton – Mad Mickey (self-release, UK)
O.B.F. – Lava (feat. Nazamba) (O.B.F. Dubquake Records, France)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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