#397 – Marlene Ribeiro, King Ayisoba, Wolf Eyes, Za!, Kate NV, Seaming

We’re taking most of January off, but are making the most of a gap between our holidays to showcase some of the most exciting independent music of 2023 so far. From raw kologo power from Ghana’s King Ayisoba, to transcendental psychedelia from Portugal’s Marlene Ribeiro, via sublime drones, raucous metal, whatever you’d categorise Za! as, and a whole lot more.

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Wolf Eyes – Short Hands – Dank Boone (Disciples, UK)
Kate NV – Oni (they) (RVNG Intl., USA)
Thomas Stone – An Act of Surrender – Part 1 (Bloxham Tapes, UK)
King Ayisoba – Bossi Labome (feat. Awilo One) (Glitterbeat Records, Germany)
Bo Gritz – Observes and Selects (Glasshouse Records, UK)
Marlene Ribeiro – You Do It (Rocket Recordings, UK)
Seaming To – Tousles (Sing At Me, UK)
Remote Viewing – Your Opinion is Wrong (Human Worth, UK)
Za! – La Sardana de Baal Hammon (Discrepant, UK)
Attila Csihar – Night of 29th of March (on my 41st birthday) in Hotel Jupiter in Baalbek while looking at the Thrilitons of the Jupiter Temple. (PART 5) (Ideologic Organ, France)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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