#398 – 3Phaz, Katie Gately, Son Rompe Pera, Kevin Richard Martin, Maronita de Kol, Insólito UniVerso ft. Lætitia Sadier

We’re back after our lengthy break, and what a selection of global super sounds we have for you. Touching on every continent on Earth, from punk cumbia out of Mexico to spiritual jazz from Indonesia, taking stops via Egypt, Togolese funk, and whatever you would describe Fire-Toolz as.

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Insólito UniVerso ft. Lætitia Sadier – El Chivo (Olindo Records, UK)
Son Rompe Pera – Chucha (AYA Records, Argentina)
Katie Gately – Fawn (Houndstooth, UK)
3Phaz – Sharayet (Discrepant, UK)
Kevin Richard Martin – Above the Clouds (Intercranial Recordings, Belgium)
SZLAUNCH – bankrut (Syf Records, Poland)
Fire-Toolz – Mantra-ing & Golgotha: Double-Bind (Prequel) (Hausu Mountain Records, USA)
Rizky Argadipradja & Wahono – Dua (Divisi62, Indonesia)
Maroulita de Kol – Flying Woman – Ιπτα ́μενηΓυναι ́κα (Phantom Limb, UK)
Roger Damawuzan – Need My Money (Hot Casa Records, France)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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