#402 – Mikado Koko, VHS¥DEATH, Brigid Mae Power, Gum Takes Tooth, Civilistjävel!, Noble Rot

We’re taking you on a proper experimental music workout this week, with a bumper pod filled with bumper music which you’ll want to wring every last morsel of juicy good sounds from. From Canada’s noble rot and the dungeon party music of VHS¥DEATH through to the absolutely stunning collaboration between Civililstjävel! and pod fave Cucina Povera, you won’t want to miss a single second of this week’s line-up.

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Noble Rot – Casting No Light  (self-release, Canada)
VHS¥DEATH – Flagellation (Whipped Bound Records, UK)
Rosso Polare – Albanella (Sagome, UK)
Chino – Hologram (Pinkman, Netherlands)
Gum Takes Tooth – Small Arms (Wrong Speed Records, UK)
Mikado Koko – Le Feu Follet (self-releasee, Japan)
Brigid Mae Power – Dream From the Deep Well (Fire Records, UK)
Malphino – Moody Cumbia (Lex Records, UK)
Civilistjävel! – Louhivesi (ft. Cuchina Povera) (FELT, Denmark)
Quartz – Abstract (Hotline Recordings, UK)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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