#411 – Holy Tongue, billy woods & Kenny Segal, Inga Copeland, Micall Parknsun, Eijra Woon, Wokchiech Kuckarczyk

Showcasing some of the freshest and most exciting sounds from the underground music scene, this week’s Independent Music Podcast is absolute killer, featuring some amazing artists from around the globe.

Starting with the latest outrageousness from Italy’s inimitable I, Voidhanger label, A.M.E.N.’s ‘Dinosaur’ is a relentless assault of jazz metal that’ll leave you breathless. Moving from there, we have percussive brilliance from Holy Tongue, stunning noise art from Eijra Woon, hiphop from the West Coast and from London, psychedelic acid and much more.

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A.M.E.N. – Dinosaur (I, Voidhanger Records, Italy)
Holy Tongue – Threshing Floor (Amidah, UK)
Eijra Woon – Comwrathion (Cruel Nature Records, UK)
billy woods & Kenny Segal – Soundcheck featuring Quelle Chris (BackwoodzStudioz, USA)
Da Iguana – Basilic Ballistics (Hard Fist, France)
JQ – Makeup Tutorial (Green, UK)
Wojciech Kucharczyk – Bass Breath (Mik.Musik.!., Poland)
Inga Copeland – Obsession 2 (Relaxin Records, UK)
Micall Parknsun – Same Ol (feat. Skriblah & Kyza) (Boot Records, UK)
Cobrafuma – Aço (Lovers & Lollypops, Portugal)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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