#413 – Julio Bashmore, Aja Monet, 7FO, Bakblivv, Mantracrudu, Dip in the Dub

Deep breath everyone, it’s time for more ferocious music than you can shake a hip at on this week’s Independent Music Podcast, with the long-awaited return of Julio Bashmore bubblin’ up to get us started.

We’re in deep on the good stuff, whether it’s cumbia music from Switzerland or jungle music from Colombia (have we got those mixed up???), or phenomenal spoken word from Aja Monet, or ice cold post-club techno from Poland, well… it’s all pretty special.

You’ll need a deep breath before recalling the artist ‘England’s Council of Legislation and Governing Body of Hyper Real Simulations and Constructs’ – without doubt the longest artist name in 413 episodes of this podcast, before acid synths take the patrons home.

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Julio Bashmore – Bubblin (Local Action, UK)
Dip in the Dub – La Cumbia Del Sufi Que No Sabía Bailar (Les Disques Bongo Joe, Switzerland)
King Kong – Call Mr Madden (Kmmy Ranks Remix) (Palenque Records, Colombia)
Aja Monet – For Sonia (Drink Sum Wtr, USA)
Bakblivv – Over the Landscape (Grief) (Pointless Geometry, Poland)
Mantracrudu – Not Sexy Enough (self-release, Romania)
Fluffy Inside – Disco Babaganoush (Móatún 7, Iceland)
England’s Council of Legislation and Governing Body of Hyper Real Simulations and Constructs – Victorian Bird Cage – Drukqs are useless mix26 (ecolagbohrsac2021, UK)
7FO – ヒーリング剣 (Healing Sword) (EM Records, Japan)
Bruno Muerte – CongaCop (feat. Moogieman) (All Will Be Well Records, UK)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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