#424 – Ramzi, Chant Electronique, Joaquín Cornejo, JOBS, Spooky J, Anemosdesma

Kick off with Indonesian metal from Bandung, finish off with Mexican disco, it’s another new Independent Music Podcast.

Between the bookends, we’re moving through various levels of experimental electronics, including a welcome return for Croatian-French-Irish traditional avant folk group Chant Electronique. We also have stunning music from Rosie Carr, an incredible new one from Amore Muere, and a surprise turn from traditional dancefloor terrorisers Spooky Shit.

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Anemosdesma – II (self-release, Indonesia)
Joaquín Cornejo – Más Allá Que Acá feat. Crvzloma (YUKU, Czechia)
Çhâñt élečtrónïqùe – Biograd na Moru (self-release, France)
Spooky J – Doom Whistle (Spooky Shit, UK)
Rosie Carr – Hawthorn (Toothpaste Worldwide, UK)
JOBS – Allure (Ramp Local, USA)
Amore Muere – Love Dies (Scrawl, UK)
RAMZi – Coucou Mon Ami ft. DJ Python (FATi Records, Canada)
Vvessel – To the People (self-release, Netherlands)
Roman Truth – Moon Rock (Roman Truth Edit) (self-release, Mexico)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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