#435 – Flora Yin Wong, Camilla Sparksss, Persher, Julia Holter, Lisa Lerkenfeldt, Cinna Pegyghamy

Dive into another eclectic Independent Music Podcast featuring a global tapestry of experimental music. From the haunting melodies of Aguja from Argentina to the rhythmic beats of Samurai Breaks. The diversity continues with the experimental vibes of Lisa Lerkenfeld and the electronic enchantment of Flora Yin Wong. With new Julia Holter and a taste of Hacker’s 2024 EP, we’ve got a wildly varied selection for you.

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Aguja – Huesos Afilados (unun., Argentina)
Camilla Sparksss – My Way My Love (On The Camper Records, Switzerland)
Lisa Lerkenfeldt – Amulet of Sweat (Shelter Press, France)
Persher – Elemental Stoppage (Thrill Jockey, USA)
Samurai Breaks – Gimme Dat (Manuka, UK)
SabaSaba – Ul Qoma (Maple Death Records, Italy)
Flora Yin Wong – Konna (Modern Love, UK)
Cinna Pegyghamy – The Skin In Between (Zabte Sote, Iran)
Hacker – Scammer (Beach Impediment Records, USA / Delta Skelta, Australia)
Julia Holter – Sun Girl (Domino Recording Co., UK)

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Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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