#438 – Favourites of 2023 part 2

The second part of a double header celebrating some of our favourite music from 2023. The beers have been flowing and the music is exceptional, with Japanese diss tracks, Norwegian trombone drone, field recordings of broken horror houses, psychedelic folk and a whole lot more.

Our final favourites episode will be out next week

SANAM – Bell بل (Mais Um, UK)
Shit and Shine – Rewower (The state51 Conspiracy, UK)
Aaron Dilloway – Bhoot Ghar: Walk Through 2 (Hanson Records, USA)
Los Sara Fontan – Wall-E (Gandula, Spain)
Moundabout – Instinct, Eye, and Mind (Rocket Recordings, UK)
Yikii – Melancholia Glass Bird (self-release, China)
Selvhenter – Connoisseur (Eget Værelse, Denmark)
Kate NV – Sion (elephant) (RVNG Int., USA)
Øxn – Cruel Mother (Claddagh Records, Ireland)
Love Dolls – Abe es Hitler (Hamfuggi Records, Spain)

This week’s episode is sponsored by the state51 Conspiracy, an independent music house. Go to state51.com to find out more about everything they do: state51 Factory sessions and events; hand-made Atelier products; a diverse roster of Label releases; Greedbag stores, pop-up and fanzine, and the Collective of distribution partner labels and artists

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston.

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