About the Independent Music Podcast

Independent Music Podcast: the quick version

The Independent Music Podcast showcases the best new music every week regardless of genre.

In the world of music podcasts, there wasn’t anything accommodating the taste of those of us who just wanted to hear interesting new music every week, so we started the podcast to fill that gap. Every Monday, we upload a new show that we hope gives you an hour of the best independent music. We expect you’ll love some, hate other bits, but find all of it interesting in some way.

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Independent Music Podcast: the longer version

The Independent Music Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Gareth Main and Anthony Chalmers. It began in 2010 when Gareth had a conversation on Twitter about the lack of podcasts dedicated to new, independent music. At the time, Gareth was running Bearded magazine – a bi-monthly magazine sold in WH Smiths, Borders and over 1,000 shops across the UK dedicated to independent artists and labels. He roped in Anthony to help out without much idea of what the podcast was to become. At the time, Anthony was an exceptionally good gig promoter running nights under the God Don’t Like It moniker, bringing an extremely diverse range of artists to London.

After 36 episodes the podcast fell into dormancy. It wasn’t until 2015, when eating, drinking and listening to new weird music together became a weekly occurrence that they decided to start recording the Independent Music Podcast again.

By this time, Anthony was continuing to promote awesome gigs (and a festival) in London under the Baba Yaga’s Hut moniker. He was also recording radio for Resonance 104.4FM and NTS Radio. Gareth was publishing the End of the Road festival programme, producing a radio show for Dandelion Radio, and working at the Guardian newspaper.

Now the Independent Music Podcast is something altogether different from when it started out. The hosts are slimmer, more engaged in the weird corners of global music, and less obsessed with producing silly jingles. The same passion for incredible, interesting, diverse independent music remains, and hopefully you enjoy joining them every Monday, through iTunes, Mixcloud or wherever you find your podcasts.

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