The latest episode of the Independent Music Podcast

The Independent Music Podcast showcases the best new music every week regardless of genre.

In the world of music podcasts, there wasn’t anything accommodating the taste of those of us who just wanted to hear interesting new music every week, so we started the podcast to fill that gap. Every Monday, we upload a new show that we hope gives you an hour of the best independent music. We expect you’ll love some, hate other bits, but find all of it interesting in some way.

You can listen in the player on this page, or subscribe via iTunes, Mixcloud, Pocket Casts, Acast or wherever you get your podcasts.

5 thoughts on “The latest episode of the Independent Music Podcast”

  1. Just found your podcast and must say it is the best out there! I used to listen to Dr. No One of Drug Music and Sound of Plaid before their demise. Gentlemen, your podcast is even better and I would put it in the realm of the late great John Peel. Thanks guys for exposing me to many eclectic sounds. By the way, I would like to incorporate your podcast on my pirate radio station of 20 years. It is that good!
    I am a 62 y/o geezer in a medium sized city in the southeastern US.
    I wonder if you could offer in a little better bitrate as they do other shows on mixcloud coming from that resonance web station?
    Cheers & all the best,


    • Feel extremely bad for never replying to this!! Thanks for the lovely message and hope your still enjoying the pod. Appreciate the long time listeners 🙂 Cheers, Anthony


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