Submit music

Thank you for being interested in sending music for play on the Independent Music Podcast. We love hearing from people, we’re also super busy and struggle to listen to everything we get sent. So if you could read the following before sending us tunes, we’d be super grateful:

  • Please listen to the show. We cover a lot of genres but mostly the experimental aspects of those genres. Please listen to see if it’s likely we’ll like your music.
  • Don’t bother with long press releases, bios, photos or any of the usual ‘press kit’ gunk. We only care about the music, so just send us a link where we can listen to that
  • We don’t accept physical promos, only digital. If you want to send us vinyl, we’ll be happy to accept it (if we like it), but it’s not necessary
  • You don’t actually have to have made the music to send it to us, we’re always happy to receive awesome music from people who listen and enjoy the show

If you’ve read all that and think ‘my music really works with what they usually play, they’ll love this and I know exactly why’ please get in touch. All the info you need to send us music is in the podcast, so give it a listen.

Note: Just to clarify, we ask people to listen to the show because, although we cover all corners of independent music, we tend to focus on the experimental aspects. We get A LOT of submissions from people whose music is not really to our taste, so it just saves everybody’s time if people know their music is likely to be to our taste or not.

It’s not meant to be dismissive, it’s simply that pulling together content for a weekly show that strives to find stuff not getting coverage on mainstream stations takes a long time. We welcome submissions but don’t have the time to go through literally hundreds of them every week, which is what happened when we made our submission process public – it meant that we actually ended up listening to none of the submissions rather than all of them. We would prefer people who submit music to us to be heard rather than not, so please help us continue supporting independent music.

Photo: Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band at Field Day 2016 by Carolina Faruolo