#438 – Favourites of 2023 part 2

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#437 – Favourites of 2023 part 1

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#436 – DJ Haram, The Body & Dis Fig, Kali Malone, NTsKi, UKAEA, Egil Kalman

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#435 – Flora Yin Wong, Camilla Sparksss, Persher, Julia Holter, Lisa Lerkenfeldt, Cinna Pegyghamy

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#434 – Elena Stein, Luzmilla Carpio, 33EMYBW, Cerys Hafana, DJ RaMeMes, Dunums & MANAS

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#433 – Melanie De Biasio, The Lord & Daniel Kubinski, USA Nails, Burnt Friedman & João Pais Filipe, Liv Wynter, Surusinghe

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#431 – The Haxan Cloak, Hilary Woods, Aya & BFTT, Hibushibire, Lucidvox, Maya Al Khaldi

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#430 – Eartheater, Fetus, Lenhart Tapes, Marina Herold, The Stance Brothers, Razen

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