#283 – E.M.M.A., Duma, Valentina Magaletti & Marlene Ribeiro, Opus & Dedw8, Futuro de Hierro

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Now, with that out the way, we can tell you about this week’s pod. It starts with slow funk jams from Napoli, takes you through the trap underground of London, via experimental psych from Japan, Malawian witchdoctor field recordings, and a whole lot more. It’s a real cracker.

A.C. Band – Good Feelings (Vocal Version) (Periodica Records, Italy)
Shlimp Warc – Reeth (Otoroku, UK)
Opus & Dedw8 – Indigo (Potentfunk Records, UK)
Valentina Magaletti & Marlene Ribeiro – Viaggio Inverso (Commando Vanessa, Italy)
Doctor Kanuska Group – Kawere Vimbuza (Come Back, Spirit) (Sacral Grooves 1000Hz, Poland)
Duma – Lionsblood (Nyege Nyege Tapes, Uganda)
E.M.M.A. – Into Indigo (Local Action, UK)
Futuro de Hierro – Construir destruir (Màgia Roja, Spain)
Anunaku & DJ Plead – Wheele (AD 93, UK)
Bríi – Esperança é um Pai que Abandona (Machine Music, Israel)

Produced and edited by Nick McCorriston

Bonus #5 – Favourites of 2018 (part 4)

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#198 – Giant Swan, Soap&Skin, E.M.M.A., JK Flesh, Guttersnipe

Back on normal duty this week, and what a selection we have: from the opening from the irrepressible Bristol duo Giant Swan through to “Leeds’ answer to Melt-Banana” in the closer from Guttersnipe. In between those delicious bookends we have a lot of tasty morsels, including the beautiful soundtrack from E.M.M.A., depression-busting sounds from Madagascar by Damily, the first record in five years from Austria’s Soap&Skin, delicate Mexican drone from Alejandro Morse, the new JK Flesh and a lot more

Giant Swan – IANAH (Whities, UK)
Hen Ogledd – Problem Child (Weird World Recordings, UK)
E.M.M.A. – Liberty (Pastel Prism, UK)
Soap&Skin – Italy & (This is) Water (PIAS Recordings, UK)
Beans – Midnight (Hello L.A., France)
Damily – Malay Nama (Les Disques Bongo Joe, Switzerland)
JK Flesh – Genetics (Electric Deluxe, Netherlands)
Randall Dunn – Something About That Night (Figureight Records, USA)
Alejandro Morse – Farewell Twilight Bird (Umor Rex, Mexico)
Guttersnipe – Loaded From Vector Trap (Upset the Rhythm, UK)