João Pais Filipe

#433 – Melanie De Biasio, The Lord & Daniel Kubinski, USA Nails, Burnt Friedman & João Pais Filipe, Liv Wynter, Surusinghe

Short, spiky, transcendental, and everything in between on this week’s independent music podcast. We have acid-tinged electronics, field recordings of birds, spoken word, club bangers, … Read more

#273 – GNOD & João Pais Filipe, Kuldaboli, Asher Gamedze, DJ Die Soon & MC Yallah, ADRA Hubble

A wonderful array of sounds this week, we have dystopian industrial electro-funk from Iceland, field recordings from Brazil, a couple of records from lockdown, the … Read more

#271 – Black Devil Disco Club , Sabiwa & Queimada, Charles Hayward Vs. Harmageddon, Ann Margaret Hogan, OHYUNG

Some extraordinary sounds on this week’s podcast, three of which push the boundaries of the music you can make with a piano. We’ve got an … Read more

#201 – DUDS, Sharron Kraus, Swindle, Sealionwoman, Rabit

The morning after the night before! We’re super grateful to all our amazing listeners, and we got a huge amount more for podcast 200. Hopefully … Read more