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#413 – Julio Bashmore, Aja Monet, 7FO, Bakblivv, Mantracrudu, Dip in the Dub

Deep breath everyone, it’s time for more ferocious music than you can shake a hip at on this week’s Independent Music Podcast, with the long-awaited … Read more

#332 – 96 Back & Cadence Weapon, Blue Ruth, De Schuurman, The Holy Family, Becky Becky, Bambounou x Bruce

Raucous uptempo noise blended with deep dubby electronics pervades on this week’s Independent Music Podcast. You wouldn’t guess from the opening psychedelic beaut from The … Read more

#283 – E.M.M.A., Duma, Valentina Magaletti & Marlene Ribeiro, Opus & Dedw8, Futuro de Hierro

As of this podcast, we have supported 3,596 unique artists and record labels, but we need your help to support more. Even though we host … Read more