Wanlov the Kubolor

#244 – Pharaoh Overlord, Klein, Anne Müller, Ekoplekz, Fahmi Mursyid

Bristol sounds are high on the agenda for this week’s Independent Music Podcast from the brutal sounds of the new Pinch EP on Berceruse Heroique to the latest from the wonderful Avon Terror Corps project. Elsewhere we have abstract hiphop from Ghana, Hawaiian leftfield music, Finnish krautrock, Argentinian dance music about dinosaurs and loads more.

Pinch – Fortune Tellers (Berceruse Heroique, UK)
Haircuts for Men – Cマイナーに嘆きます (Haircuts for Men, USA)
Los Siquicos Litoraleños – La Danza Del Brontosaurio (Hive Mind Records, UK)
Pharaoh Overlord – Abscission (Ektro Records, Finland)
Anne Müller – Nummer 2 (Erased Tapes, UK)
Friedman & Pais – untitled (Nonplace, Germany)
Ekoplekz – Volcanik (Avon Terror Corps, UK)
Klein – For What Worth ft. Matana Roberts (ijn inc, USA)
Wanlov the Kubolor – Dis Be Ghana (self-release, Ghana)
Fahmi Mursyid – Hening (Saron) (One Instrument Records, Germany)


Produced and Edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at nickamc.com and follow him on Twitter @nickamc

#149 – Ex Eye, Wanlov the Kubolor, Mésange, Ilia Gorovitz

A truly global podcast this week, with music coming in from as far afield as Ghana, Iran, and Israel. We have new music from closer to home too, with some jazzy goodness from On the Corner records, there’s also the new one from Colin Stetson’s Ex Eye project, techno from Mighty Lord Deathman, and rock sounds from We Wild Blood.

Ex Eye – Xenolith; The Anvil (Relapse Records, USA)
Wanlov the Kubolor – Gigimz to Gongor (self-release, Ghana)
Mésange – The Cape (God Unknown Records, UK)
Mighty Lord Deathman – Enemies of Deathman (Pale Master Records, UK)
Bosaina – A Hundred Other Longings (Discrepant Records, UK)
Ilia Gorovitz – Turmoil (Raash Records, Israel)
Sote – Plebeian (Opal Tapes, UK)
Black Classical – JeJe (On the Corner, UK)
We Wild Blood – Lost + Bound (Hominid Sounds, UK)
Batfinks – Certain Death (Caoutchou Records, Belgium)